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26. June 2015, by Julian Ausserhofer

We are happy to announce that our website is now live. The project has been running since the beginning of 2015 and we have been working on quite some things since then. In the upcoming months and weeks we will post more of our ideas and preliminary results in order to get feedback from you.

This blog will be the main channel for project-related news. We will share updates from our work and also mention important developments elsewhere. Please do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter and RSS-feed. Also, please follow us on TwitterFacebook and GitHub. Our project hashtag is: #vaddj

These are some of the people behind the VALID project. We took this photo at our kick-off meeting in mid-January.

Teamphoto at Kickoff

A big part of the VALID project team, from left to right:
Alexander Rind, Robert Gutounig, Štefan Emrich, Christina Niederer, Niki Popper, Michael Schmid, Elena Rudkowsky, Thomas Wolkinger, Julian Ausserhofer (on the screen), Michael Sedlmair, Wolfgang Aigner, Peter Judmaier


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netflower – Visual exploration of flows in dynamic networks
mtdb2 – Visual exploration of media transparency data