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23. March 2016, by Sonja Fischbauer

Two weeks ago, we got together for our semi-annual consortial meeting at the wonderful drahtwarenhandlung in Vienna. Even though we were quite a crowd, not everyone could make it. Naturally, of course; to a research project of this scale, many people contribute. With busy schedules in different cities, countries and sometimes even timezones, it’s hard to get every team member into one room together.

As you can see in the image below, we barely manage to squeeze into one picture, and there’s always someone missing… But we’ve managed to find a solution to get us all in one place: here!

We’ve set up a page in the About Us section, where you can find out about every team member, their role in the project and their contact details.

Check it out and  meet our team!

the VALiD team

A good part of the VALiD team at the last consortial meeting at the drahtwarenhandlung, Vienna.
In the back row, left to right: Julian Ausserhofer, Wolfgang Aigner, Sarah Matiasek, Michael Seldmair, Martin Bicher. Middle row, left to right: Alexander Rind, Robert Gutounig, Sonja Fischbauer, Štefan Emrich. Front row: Christina Niederer. Here: Everyone who’s missing. (photo: VALiD project, cc-by)


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netflower – Visual exploration of flows in dynamic networks
mtdb2 – Visual exploration of media transparency data