Full speed ahead

23. September 2016, by Štefan Emrich, Sonja Fischbauer

The “sommerloch” is over. It’s the end of September, Universities are preparing for the start of the year, politicians are back from their vacation and the sports leagues are starting their seasons…

So is the VALID-team.

Photo by Klaus Graf: Sommerloch Ortsschild (own work, edited by VALiD Project) [License: CC BY-SA 2.0 DE], via Wikimedia Commons

After a bit of relaxation and creative timeout we are eager to start working on the new ideas that were born during the summer time.

One of our next focal points will be to dig into the rich pool of speeches held in the Austrian parliament and to generate new insights out of these.

Also the academic conference season is kicking off now and will be covered by our team – with publications as well as in organizational roles.

We are looking forward to keep you updated on these things here at our blog – thus, come back!


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