Empowerment Workshop Series

20. September 2017, by Sonja Fischbauer

Part of our project’s mission is to encourage the spread of Data-driven journalism, and to make the topic more accessible to people, who would not primarily describe themselves as to be “technical”. Therefore, we are holding a series of four workshops – two this year, two in 2018. The goal is to teach (future) journalists basic DDJ skills, as well as to convey lessons of data ethics to foster a dutiful application of data in their inquiries.

Empowering future female data journalists: Two of the workshops will be for female and non-binary participants only, and we could get Austrian data journalist Katrin Nussmayr to act not only as a lead mentor for both 2017 workshops, but also as a role model to empower and encourage female journalists to venture into the field of DDJ. The language of the workshops will be German, in accordance with the target group.

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