Empowerment Workshop Series continues to inspire in 2018

21. March 2018, by Christina Niederer

In February we were invited to a talk about data journalism and visualization at the OÖ Presseclub. A follow-up workshop of our empowerment workshops series was held in cooperation with the OÖ Presseclub in Linz on the 13th of March. During this workshop, we gave a short overview of the tools and working practices of data journalists as in the workshops in 2017. For this workshop in Linz, Katrin Nussmayr, an Austrian data journalists, was again our role model and lead mentor.

Empowerment Workshop OÖ Presseclub in Linz Empowerment Workshop OÖ Presseclub in Linz

Copyright: Štefan Emrich

Eleven participants (6 women, 5 men) with different levels of experience in data journalism and visualization attended our workshop. The motivation of the participants was impressive and they created a lot of very interesting data visualizations in this half day workshop taking place in the rooms of the OÖ Presseclub. We would like to express our thanks to Mag. Daniela Hainberger for hosting us at the OÖ Presseclub and providing snacks and drinks.

Participants and team both got into the spirit of the workshop by themselves becoming physical data-points in a live visualisation at the beginning of the event. Copyright: Christina Niederer

For all of you who were not (yet) able to participate in one of our workshops: we plan to host a final workshop in autumn 2018. Follow us on twitter and subscribe to our newsletter in order to not miss out on this great opportunity!




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