DDJ Snippets

Christina Niederer & Eva Goldgruber presented results & tools from the VALiD project at the Journalistinnenkongress on 7th November 2017. Alongside with them in the workshop was renowned data journalist Sylke Gruhnwald from Republik who talked about her daily practice of transforming data into exciting stories.

The panel “Multimedia retrieval, visualization and data literacy” chaired by VALiD team members Alexander Rind & Robert Gutounig took place at the FH-Forschungsforum 2017 took place on 20th April. You can find all contributions in full text here.

The data-journalistic visualization project “Steirische Vielfalt visualisiert” (Styrian Diversity visualized) was given an award in the category “Solutions” at “open4data challenge 2016

The VALiD project and research concerning “Gender Issues in Data-Driven Journalism” were presented on June 3rd, 2016 at University of Graz. Eva Goldgruber gave insights into data journalism and gender related aspects in a university course on Gender and Technology.


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